AmAv, Inc. has been managing aircraft for individuals and corporations since 1997.
We provide for the complete care of a client’s aircraft while at the same time effecting savings through careful attention to details. Our principles have been in the aviation business for over 35 years each.

Corporate piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft are sophisticated machines that require diligent oversight to insure that they are cared for in a manner consistent with a high standard of excellence.  Likewise they require strict oversight to insure that they are in compliance with FAA and other governmental agency regulations.

Currently, AmAv provides aircraft management services, including:

            • Qualified and trained crews

            • Scheduling

            • Oversight of aircraft maintenance

            • Insurance acquisition

            • Governmental compliance

If you are either a corporation or an individual who has been contemplating some form of aircraft ownership, we urge you to give us a call to explore if aircraft ownership is the right answer for you, and whether full ownership, fractional ownership, or some other arrangement will provide the best air transportation strategy for you.

AmAv, Inc.
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